Different Problems, Different Solutions

02/11/2021 , 2m, 27s

Hey folks I know it's a little bit noisy I'm in my car with the fans on because it's cold I just wanted to mention something that I thought was going to interesting. I was just thinking about how sometimes we argue about taking it technological choices, like what framework we use whatever and I thought of a kind of a real world situation that is kind of like this and let's say that you're talking to somebody and they're talking about how much they love their truck and and it's just the best and they can do anything they want to with it, you know, like what the like whatever I my sudan is amazing theKnowledge all this stuff is amazing like it's does everything that I need to and you can like argue and argue all day long about why you're sedan is better your hatchback or you're or the track or whatever but at the end of the day these things serve different and use cases for different people and so just like there's no one vehicle that can solve everybody's problems and there's no one JavaScript framework or it's tool or technology that can solve everyone's problems either it is a vast world of use cases and user experience that we're trying.

To create and whatever it's just there's so much out there that we're trying to accomplish with the web and with software in general that there can't be a silver bullet for for everything that you could possibly imagine so and keep that in mind next time you are talking with people about different things.

I know sometimes I can be a little dogmatic on certain of my opinions. I kept like especially shallow rendering you should never shallower but um, most of the time there are nuances and trade-offs that were all making and we're all just trying to get.Hit by and do our best to avoid you know doing the wrong thing making the wrong choice but also make sure that we're you know, and doing the best that we can and keep keep those trade offs in mind and the fact that your problems may not be in line with someone else's problems, you may have different problems from another person maybe you don't need to haul number and maybe they do and that's why they like their truck, you know, whatever the occasion maybe so anyway, especially when you're having these kinds of conversations that people be sure.

To be nice to each other and yeah and just keep in mind that your problems may not be their problems. Cheers.