01/29/2019 , 2m, 57s

I've identified a tell. If for too many days in a row I wake up to a phone with a 0% charge I'm either about to be sad or already am and didn't realize it...

I've made a huge mistake

10/23/2018 , 2m, 43s

My career halted when i started getting obsessed over rights and ownership.

This year, I don't want to be held back by that anymore.


08/25/2018 , 2m, 42s

Michael finds his band's 2001 emo album and realizes just how much the fans shared with him and helped transition him from a kid to an adult.


05/22/2018 , 2m, 58s

Not every year is your year. Partner well with the ones that like you.

Prepping A Talk #2: Follow The Questions

06/16/2017 , 2m, 46s

A brief update.

Prepping A Talk #1

06/16/2017 , 2m, 57s

I'm giving a talk this August at React Rally.

Unlike the times before I'll be sharing my process and real-time freak-puts here.



04/04/2017 , 2m, 30s

I watch Chef's Table and have this revelation that the person I've become is shaped by the role I think I have.


04/04/2017 , 2m, 5s

Someone stole my content online and republished it. I'm not pleased about it.

My Dad Died Today

02/10/2017 , 1m, 59s

A short closing paragraph to a long day. I love him. He was a giant and I'm proud of the parts of him that are a part of me.


01/17/2017 , 1m, 50s

The moment I realized that I'm a plastic, watching bad Netflix cartoons with my daughter.


01/11/2017 , 2m, 26s

I stopped bringing my laptop at work (crap I said laptop, I know they're not called laptops anymore). It's only been 6 works days but I'm loving the boundary.


10/25/2016 , 2m, 53s

Financial statements are my favorite type of human data. What we spend money gives the clearest picture of who we are.


10/25/2016 , 2m, 4s

The longer I hold on to things the more value I put on them. It's like archeology or something. I'm trying to break that pattern and throw things away quicker.


09/05/2016 , 2m, 7s

I'm continuing to lean into this year of publishing more and how it feels right before I push the button.

Family Interruptions

07/20/2016 , 37s

It's 3-freakin-40 AM

Worthwhile Things

06/29/2016 , 2m, 37s

Adult life is hard. Creating as an adult is nearly impossible but worthwhile.

The Dreamer Gene

06/03/2016 , 2m, 3s

The hard balance of dreaming and adulting.

Dadding better

05/30/2016 , 1m, 51s

I finally take a day away from work, make up work, side projects, and family stressors to spend an afternoon with my kids. It was great.

Old Boxes

05/07/2016 , 2m, 7s

Realizing my obsessive drive as I poor over 16 years of old boxes

"Pride only hurts. It Never Helps"

04/21/2016 , 2m, 59s

I'm overwhelmed when folks tell me this podcast is encouraging to them. Truth is, I never expected anyone to listen to it. This episode is about all the sharing years I lost to pride and perfectionism.

Get Busy; Get Stupid

04/19/2016 , 2m, 51s

Overwhelmed, losing drive and focus. I'm struggling to find what to cut out and what to do better.

Going Further with Friends

04/03/2016 , 1m, 57s

My willingness to collaborate with others is a marker of success. Isolation is an idea killer.


03/26/2016 , 2m, 2s

I love riding a bike. I'm not the type to enjoy physical activity or nature. But, on a bike, that all changes.


03/17/2016 , 2m, 48s

Sick days and why I hate them.

Publish Everything

03/13/2016 , 2m, 39s

I'm three years into this philosophy of publishing everything. It's hard. But ideas and feelings deserve life outside of hard drives and notebooks.

Faith 1

03/10/2016 , 2m, 56s

I finally come clean about faith and how hard to is to separate faith from social ideas that get co-opted into religion.

Mark 12:31

The Meritocracy Trap

03/10/2016 , 2m, 49s

I revisit the topic of culture. I talk about a meetup I organize and falling into the meritocracy trap. We did the women in our community a huge disservice and we're trying to right the ship.

Keep Pressing Publish

03/06/2016 , 2m, 19s

I pressed record and started talking. I've spent way too much time thinking about what I'd say next.

Numb Pinkies

02/28/2016 , 2m, 27s

Today I'm talking about my numb pinking. Sitting in the urgent care, I'm thinking about all the ways I mistreat my hands at work.

Culture over Community

02/25/2016 , 3m

I just got back from React.js Conf. Here, I attempt to verbalized why these meet-ups feel different than anything else.

Ambition, The Liar

02/19/2016 , 2m, 15s

Realizing just how lucky I am to work with the team and telling Ambition to go to hell

Kids and Death

02/16/2016 , 2m, 8s

The alarming awareness of death we face when we have children.


02/14/2016 , 1m, 54s

Thoughts on keeping happiness instead of chasing it.

Laid Off

02/09/2016 , 2m, 56s

Talking about getting laid off, unemployment, and switching careers.

Hospital Days

02/05/2016 , 2m, 59s

Hospital visits and an unlikely partnership

Impostor syndrome 1

02/04/2016 , 2m, 19s

How I experience imposter syndrome

Rock 1

02/02/2016 , 1m, 44s

Breakfast and a 5 year old's favorite thing in the world.

Grace and Pain

02/02/2016 , 2m, 50s

My daughter's cancer and the grace that finds you in pain.