Git bam

03/06/2016 , 1m, 24s

Stop piling up old branches. Learn the git bam command.

Git those hooks

03/01/2016 , 2m, 4s

Git has many useful hooks and those hooks belong to you.

Pretty git log

02/25/2016 , 1m, 35s

Tired of that boring, plain git log? Make it --pretty! See my gitconfig for an example.

Welcome to the Mojibar

02/24/2016 , 1m, 24s

Having a tough time remembering the name of that emoji? Check out the mojibar.

Git's favorite everyday commands

02/10/2016 , 22s

Some of these you may not know about.

Why doesn't 'git diff' show everything?

02/10/2016 , 41s

It does! You just have to tell to.

Seeing through the noise in a pull request

02/10/2016 , 57s

Working with documentation or a co-worker that loves to adjust whitespace across the entire project every time they open a PR? You're welcome.

Pull a pull request

02/10/2016 , 1m, 4s

Sometimes the diff isn't enough and you actually want to play with the code in a pull request. Here's how.

Fixes #80 #24 #16

02/10/2016 , 1m, 12s

How to close issues like a professional when you open a pull request.

Change the date of git commits

02/09/2016 , 1m, 40s

AKA: Make it look like you're working when you're not actually working.

Small commits for your pull request

02/09/2016 , 1m, 23s

How to break up all those changes into smaller commits for the poor soul that has to review your pull request.

Empty commits and why they're fun

02/09/2016 , 1m

Git doesn't want you to create an empty commit, but you can do it anyway.

Quickly bouncing between branches

02/09/2016 , 1m, 2s

Git knows where you've been and makes it easy to go there again.

Collaboration without GitHub

02/08/2016 , 1m, 24s

I love GitHub, you love GitHub, but there are some hypothetical situations where it may not be available.

GitHub Explore

02/08/2016 , 1m, 5s

Ah, Saturday morning and I'm bored. What can I work on?

Zero effort pull request

02/08/2016 , 34s

If you're already writing good commit messages, you already have a good pull request.

Sending GitHub notifications to the right inbox

02/08/2016 , 51s

You don't need to send all notifications to the same email address.

The git reflog

02/08/2016 , 1m, 2s

Oops! Thank goodness git has undo.

Fix that commit message

02/08/2016 , 33s

Type too fast? Forget to add a file? Fix it later.

Artisanal git commands

02/08/2016 , 1m, 2s

Make that thing you do all the time a git command.

Blasting through GitHub notifications

02/08/2016 , 51s

Mark them as read - you don't actually have to read them :)

GitHub notification center

02/08/2016 , 34s

It you get a lot of email, this is for you.

GitHub keyboard shortcuts

02/08/2016 , 36s

Full speed ahead!

Welcome to Git Tips

02/08/2016 , 51s

What is this all about?