August 19

08/22/2017 , 2m, 50s

A brief update.

August 19

08/20/2017 , 2m, 50s

A brief update.

August 18

08/20/2017 , 2m, 48s

A brief update.

August 17

08/17/2017 , 2m, 58s

A brief update.

August 16

08/16/2017 , 2m, 58s

A brief update.

August 13

08/14/2017 , 2m, 55s

A brief update.

August 12

08/14/2017 , 2m, 53s

A brief update.

August 11

08/13/2017 , 2m, 55s

A brief update.

August 10

08/10/2017 , 2m, 53s

A brief update.

August 9

08/09/2017 , 2m, 57s

A brief update.

August 8

08/09/2017 , 2m, 57s

A brief update.

August 7

08/09/2017 , 2m, 48s

A brief update.

August 6th

08/06/2017 , 2m, 57s

A brief update.

August 5

08/06/2017 , 2m, 56s

A brief update.

August 4th

08/04/2017 , 2m, 59s

A brief update.

August 3

08/03/2017 , 2m, 54s

A brief update.

August 2nd.

08/02/2017 , 2m, 50s

A brief update.

August 1st

08/01/2017 , 2m, 59s

I'm going to upload a podcast every day this month.

Believe Me

07/26/2017 , 2m, 58s

People will reveal if they believe you - it will be in how they speak to you, how the acknowledge your life experience.

Waiting for Respite

07/23/2017 , 2m, 58s

I thought I should wrap up my thoughts -

The Big Sick

07/23/2017 , 2m, 58s

What was supposed to be an endearing, heart warming movie got a little too real for me. (maybe because it was based on a real story)

Status in Jerome AZ

07/23/2017 , 2m, 59s

Keeping up with the Joneses looks different in Jerome.

Jerome AZ

07/17/2017 , 2m, 58s

Probably will be a series? Who knows. What I do know - Jerome is my favorite place. And I was a tour guide. After living there for 5 days.

Part 2 - What Tim Said to Get Me Through a Rough Spot

07/11/2017 , 2m, 57s

A brief update.

3 years ago and Tim from Polyphonic Spree

07/11/2017 , 2m, 51s

A brief update.

A year.

07/09/2017 , 2m, 54s

It's been a year since my first brain procedure...

Stress Dosing

06/29/2017 , 2m, 52s

A brief update.

Hospital breakdown part 2

06/28/2017 , 2m, 58s

Here is the thing - you know those cheesy hospital shows when they tell people to talk to their loved ones who are in a coma or not awake from surgery? That's pretty real.

Hospital Breakdown

06/28/2017 , 2m, 58s

When I was faced with realities of what was happening to me - I had a breakdown.

Ownership Part 3

06/26/2017 , 2m, 57s

A brief update.

Ownership Part 2

06/26/2017 , 2m, 57s

A brief update.

Ownership Part 1

06/26/2017 , 2m, 56s

I've been thinking a lot about how I give ownership of my body to others.

2 Years

06/23/2017 , 2m, 59s

I met my doctor 2 years ago today.

More Hospital Things

06/22/2017 , 2m, 58s

Kind of random thoughts about the hospital.... (again)

Hospitals and Fat People

06/22/2017 , 2m, 53s

A brief update.


06/22/2017 , 2m, 56s

I'll have more to say about this.

Silence and other things.

06/21/2017 , 2m, 54s

Updating.... finally.

Good Samaritan Musings 5

05/27/2017 , 2m, 42s

A brief update.

Good Samaritan Musings 4

05/27/2017 , 2m, 56s

A brief update.

Good Samaritan Musings 3

05/27/2017 , 2m, 59s

A brief update.

Good Samaritan Musings 2

05/27/2017 , 2m, 59s


Good Samaritan and Thoughts and Everything. P1

05/27/2017 , 2m, 52s

Working through some stuff. Thinking about Bible stories.


05/27/2017 , 2m, 51s

It's been a while. Life has been hard. I'm trying to not be silent. I don't remember what I said in this update - but that's just fine.

Piecing things together.

05/10/2017 , 2m, 54s

A brief update.

It's Actually A Lot Like Grey's Anatomy.

05/09/2017 , 2m, 58s

6 months.


05/02/2017 , 2m, 56s

Finished the book Shrill by Lindy West

The Words That Made A Difference

05/01/2017 , 2m, 59s

A brief update.

Kind Of Random Thoughts

05/01/2017 , 2m, 58s

A brief update.

Surviving Relationships

04/26/2017 , 2m, 55s

Or....not surviving.

Does It Define Me

04/25/2017 , 2m, 57s

A brief update.


04/24/2017 , 2m, 58s

My brother and I were driving home, so I recorded a podcast about spoons.

Surgery Ear-worm.

04/23/2017 , 2m, 56s

I've had a song stuck in my head for MONTHS now.

Preparing Your Home - Health Crisis Part 3

04/21/2017 , 2m, 41s

More household tips.

Part 2 - Getting Your Home Ready For A Health Crisis

04/20/2017 , 2m, 57s

Household tips

Taking care of the caretaker.

04/19/2017 , 2m, 53s

Friend going through a health crisis? This is the most important thing you can do.

Household Tips Part 1

04/19/2017 , 2m, 59s

Setting up your home for a health crisis.

  1. Buy disposable plates/utensils/cups.

It's 24-7

04/19/2017 , 3m

What it's like for your friend/family member going through a health crisis.

Prepping For The Dr - Health Crisis

04/18/2017 , 2m, 57s

What to do when you have a doctor appointment.

The Last Couple Of Books

04/15/2017 , 2m, 55s

My own words I am princess X

Health Crisis - Your Inner Circle

04/14/2017 , 2m, 54s

Finding your inner-circle.

Talking about What to Do in a Health Crisis

04/14/2017 , 2m, 59s

What happens when you are facing a health crisis?


04/10/2017 , 2m, 28s

How much did I spend to keep myself alive last year? Over 31K.

Cushings Awareness Day

04/09/2017 , 2m, 55s

A brief update.

Revolution For Dummies - Brief Review

04/04/2017 , 2m, 54s

A brief update.

A Brief Update (adrenal Insufficiency Troubles)

04/04/2017 , 2m, 49s

A brief update.

Mental Health

03/27/2017 , 2m, 58s

A brief update.

Low Cortisol And Feeling Better

03/27/2017 , 2m, 58s

A brief update.


03/27/2017 , 2m, 59s

A brief update.

Chasing the Scream

03/25/2017 , 2m, 59s

A brief update.

Sharing Your Pain

03/23/2017 , 2m, 58s

It's ok to share your pain.

I Missed November

03/22/2017 , 2m, 57s

A brief update.

Another Step Down

03/21/2017 , 2m, 54s

A brief update.

Unpacking A Feeling

03/21/2017 , 2m, 52s

A brief update.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

03/20/2017 , 2m, 57s

A brief update.

The Hate U Give

03/19/2017 , 2m, 59s

This book left me a bit speechless.

When cats interrupt.

03/19/2017 , 2m, 58s

So I was trying to record a podcast......


03/17/2017 , 2m, 59s

The hardest part of cushings?

Update On Becoming A Cat

03/16/2017 , 2m, 58s

Therapy cats

Books I've Read This Week

03/16/2017 , 2m, 56s

Scrappy Little Nobody Contagious

Don't Make Me Prove How Sick I Am

03/16/2017 , 2m, 51s

Not knowing how much to say.

Goodbye Dolly

03/16/2017 , 2m, 58s

Sometimes recovery sucks

Wait For it

03/16/2017 , 2m, 52s

This disease and recovery has taken so much - trying to find some sort of peace about that feels impossible sometimes.

Three Books I Read This Week

03/13/2017 , 2m, 59s

Thought I'd talk about something else.

Step Down

03/13/2017 , 2m, 55s

Getting through the step down.

Happy Birthday X!

03/11/2017 , 2m, 58s

So many retakes that I can't remember what I actually said - but X I love you and happy birthday!

Post Op Appointment

03/10/2017 , 2m, 56s

A brief update.

Reach Out

03/09/2017 , 2m, 58s

The best thing you can do...

Four Months

03/09/2017 , 2m, 56s

Four months post op from my first surgery.

Cortisol Is A Bad Boyfriend

03/07/2017 , 2m, 55s

I didn't even get something on Valentines Day!

There Is No Good Card For This

03/04/2017 , 2m, 59s

My new favorite book. Emily McDowell:


02/24/2017 , 2m, 53s

I'm just ok about it.

Thoughts On My Job

02/21/2017 , 2m, 57s

I shouldn't record things at 4:10 am but here we are.

Marching Forward

02/21/2017 , 2m, 56s

Had a good day!


02/19/2017 , 2m, 57s

Song reflections

I Made It Through Today

02/19/2017 , 2m, 55s

A little about feeling anger.

What If There Is No After Story

02/18/2017 , 2m, 57s

What if I don't run a 100k?


02/18/2017 , 2m, 52s

I get by with a little help from my friends.

An Update - Pain Meds

02/17/2017 , 2m, 52s

A little update and a little about pain meds.


01/15/2017 , 2m, 59s

Should not record things at 3am Also - it REALLY sounds like I'm crying - I'm not, it was late and I still have a lot of packing - so I constantly sound like I have a cold :)

Going To The Movies -

01/10/2017 , 2m, 59s

Also I didn't leave my house for six months

Am I A Cat

01/10/2017 , 2m, 50s

I feel like a cat.

Now a Recovery Podcast

01/07/2017 , 2m, 49s

A brief update.

Being Awake for my Brain Procedure

07/27/2016 , 2m, 54s

Talking a little about my brain procedure.

I Have A Brain Tumor And My Cat Wants To Clean Me.

07/19/2016 , 2m, 56s

An update.... finally.

The potential mating of cool.

04/07/2016 , 1m, 47s

Why'd you buy that cool car?

Oxytocin and Instagram

04/05/2016 , 2m, 37s

Becoming part of your audience.

The ET Narrative

04/01/2016 , 2m, 58s

Plus a homework assignment!

Raise a Glass to Status!

03/17/2016 , 2m, 53s

Status = survival.

Why do people have better sex in hotels?

03/08/2016 , 2m, 30s

And how do eggo waffles help you...chill?

Pepsi didn't invent Santa

03/07/2016 , 2m, 41s

So why did the Pepsi Challenge fail?

I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing....

03/07/2016 , 2m, 58s

It's Emotion.

If Your Audience is not Drunk.

03/07/2016 , 2m, 36s

If you can't sell in Vegas...

Intro to The front Porch - A Neuromarketing Podcast

03/03/2016 , 2m, 55s

Pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea.