Things Change Constantly

01/04/2021 , 2m, 56s

Hey there friends. This is your friend Kent on Monday January 4th 2021, and today I just wanted to talk about how things change constantly. So I was updating the bookshelf app the app that we built together on Epic and just realized that there are a handful of well actually.

I think only one major thing that has changed since I released this and that is React query version 3 came out. And it's just it would there are so many videos that that impacts.Even though the impacts themselves are relatively small it just like destroys so many of the videos I had to re-record all of those.

And yeah, so I was just thinking about how things change and not only do our dependencies change but like the way that I recommend to doing things change and also like there's another one of the workshops the testing react apps in there. I have one exercise where we're dealing with a hook that allows you to get the geolocation of the current user.

And so we're mocking that out, of course, you wouldn't be able to do that in a test because like,If you run it locally on your machine it's gonna be one place and if you run it on CI it'll be a different So even if it was supported in the environment you're gonna want to mock it out.

Anyway, so the way that I approach doing that was a little complicated because you had to use act directly and somebody just recommended hey, why don't you use wait for element to be removed you wait for the spinner to go away and and then you don't have to use act directly and so like little things like this come up all the time and and I say well, you know the way that I showed works and and I would like it.

It's it's a reasonably good way to solve this problem.But your suggestion is is arguably better. So I would suggest going with that. And so yeah, we've got things that change because just developers make cooler new things and then we've got things that change because the ideas are new and things and testing JavaScript has gone through this as well.

And it's I guess I don't really have a whole lot positive to say about this, but it's it's just something to keep in mind that things are always going to change and you can't just wait for the next thing to to come out.All ways because you're always going to be waiting It's like waiting for you know the new addition of the best car You're always going to be waiting.

There's always going to be a better car. So you just buy the one that you can afford right now that accomplishes your purposes and then just close your eyes anytime there's the new one out or something like that, but we've got to bet on technologies at some point and you've got a bet today.

So just make the best decision and know that it's impossible to make a perfect one and do the best which with with what we have today. I hope you have an awesome day. We'll see you all later.