Watch your own talks

01/05/2021 , 2m, 47s

What is up friends it is the fifth of January Tuesday 2021 and today I want to talk about why I watch my own talks and workshops and listen to my own podcasts and all that stuff so I know a lot of people who give talks and say that like one of their least favorite things to do short of talking in front of people is listening to themselves talking front of people and I I don't share that feeling.

I I don't dread listening to myself talk on like,Podcasts or wherever I but I I it's not like I just do it as a what's the I can't remember the word so many just loved myself whatever that word is but um, the reason I was thinking about this was just because in my blog post that I was yesterday, it was my review of 2020.

I mentioned how like I think it's important to review your you know, how things go and so I said that I watch almost every talk and video.Cast that I produce and I use that as an opportunity to identify ways to improve and I think that that's really important so if you're the type of person that just like hates hearing yourself talk or whatever I think that I mean, that's that's fine but maybe get over it because how can you identify ways to improve the way that you deliver a talk or the way that you created a video or the podcast that you recorded whether you're the host or the guest how can you identify ways to improve if you don't.

Review that material so this is just an invitation to you to find some content that you've created or whatever and give it a little review and try to look at it from the eyes of somebody who doesn't know the subject matter and see if or or yeah really just look at it through the eyes of your intended audience and see if you deliver the material in the way that your intended audience needs it to be delivered and maybe you can take notes.

I don't really take notes.When I go through this stuff, but maybe you could and see ways that you could improve that so anyway. I hope that's helpful to you and I hope you have an awesome day and do check out this review of 2020 on my blog KCD to IM / blog and then you'll find 2028 review okay, that was fun happy day, we'll see you around bye.