Remix means I'm not excited about React Server Components

01/09/2021 , 2m, 58s

Hello there. Friends, it is a little late for me. I was hanging out with the family today, but I did want to get my three minute podcast in for today and so I'm doing it while I am changing laundry. So what I wanted to talk about today was just a little bit about reactor server components and that thing that everybody's super excited about I think we have good reason to be excited.

It I'm not going to explain exactly what it is. So you have to go Google it and and get an idea there's a video with.Stuff. But yeah, my initial reaction to it was pretty met just like huh. And what's interesting is that like this is probably not not quite as big as hooks at all but it is like some progress on the whole solving the problem that suspense and concurrent mode is supposed to solve or at least helping solve some of those problems.

And so it is a big deal and there's a lot of cool things that it does. But the reason that I was so just like,Not impressed or not super interested. It isn't because it's not impressive and it's not like great in whatever but because I discovered solutions to most of these problems that it's intended to solve just a few months ago when I started using Remix and a remix if you haven't heard is Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson's business that they're working on this this paid software project.

That's a framework for react and it is phenomenal. Seriously, it is so good. I'm really happy with it and it's currently like pre-beta like Alpha stage software so you know, I'm actually paying to as like a developer preview sort of thing to to use this and and learn about it, but anyway, yeah, it just solves all these these problems so if you haven't given a remix of solid look yet and then I would advise that you.

Do you don't have to become a developer preview, you know paying subscriber anything. It is not software that you should ship to production and necessarily but it is going to really shake things up I think. So yeah give remix a look it solves many of the problems that react server components are going to solve and it does so in a way that I just think is remarkable really good stuff.

And yeah, I feel like there's something else I was going to say about that, but that's that's it. That's my,Three minutes. Hope you're having an awesome day and we'll catch you later. Bye.