Default to "Yes"

01/16/2021 , 2m, 51s

Hello everyone, so today I want to talk about saying yes more so and maybe yes is a default. So yesterday I was talking with my sister and I was just over at her house and and her son came over and asked if he could have a soda and she said yes and I we continue talking and I said, oh man, it just feels so nice to be able to say yes to your kids right and she said yes, or I really nice and and she said I tried to say yes as much as I can and yeah the way that I feel about it.

Is like my kids will sometimes ask me why I say no all the time and I say no you got this backwards you just ask me questions that I'll say no to all the time that's the problem and and so anyway, I've just been thinking about this and I feel like more of my default should be to say yes as a default so I I should be like the burden of proof should be on the no answer so it should be more of like why should you why would you say no rather than trying to justify the yes and the reason that I'm sharing this with?

You all is not because I know the you're not all parents and stuff um, but because I feel like this is like parenting is a really great example or am an what's the word I can't think of the word I'm looking for but like it it relates very closely to relationships in general and um as much as we like to pretend it's not software is a lot about relationships, especially when you're working at a company and so if you're a team.

Lead or you're managing a team of engineers or something like that you want to default to guess and so rather than just kind of seeing these people that you're you've got a relationship with as you know, it's somebody that you have to endure or appease or whatever you should be trying to see how like how you can help them be happy and satisfied with the relationship and that I I think defaulting to yes, most of the time is a good practice and so,For a lot of the time I default to know with my kids if they want to ask me something I'm automatically thinking okay, how can I say no but I'm I think that it is better to switch that up and instead think how can I say yes and focus more on finding reasons to say yes and there should be more weight on the yes than on the no so anyway hope that's kind of useful to you in whatever you're doing relationships are awesome and have a wonderful day.