Why I Have 0 Followees

01/20/2021 , 2m, 18s

Hey folks so I guess I need to do this because people keep on bringing it up and so I'm just gonna mention it. If you aren't aware a month or two ago, I unfollowed everybody on Twitter and now I follow zero people on Twitter and I changed to lists and so the reason that I mentioned this is because a lot of people see this as some sort of power move or some nefarious purpose.

I've done this. I don't know. I don't understand why people have yeah and I know that not everybody has but several people have assigned some now intent to the fact that I don't follow anybody on.Twitter I use lists and so it's not like I don't keep track of what people are doing or whatever I just found the the reason that I did this was because the Twitter algorithm just messes up my list or my my home feed really bad.

I just didn't like what the Twitter algorithm was doing and so I said, hey, well, I'll just unfollow everybody and I'll use a list instead and it's been great. I use tweet deck and it I'm able to segment the people that I'm quote unquote following and I I like it way better and Twitter's.

Them is not impacting me at all And so that's the that is literally the only reason why I unfollowed everybody it's not some sort of like I don't need to follow anybody. I'm so awesome. That's stupid. Anybody who would do that? I think is is that's not a good luck or anything but for me.

I it's not some sort of flex or power statement or anything like that. It's 100% just because I didn't like the way that Twitter's algorithm worked with the the people that I was following. So, I just don't followed everybody in and switched to using lessons data and it works out great.

And that's literally all that it is So, I don't know. I'm just gonna make a short URL for this and I'll reply. So if you got here because you made some sort of comment and I gave you a short URL. Sorry that I didn't answer you specifically but I this is what I do when I answer the same question over and over again because I make I answer it once and then I send it links to people instead of having to answer them or having to just ignore them, which is what I often do.

So anyway, I hope you're having a stellar day and we'll see you around.