Concerning Libraries and Frameworks: Build or Install

01/21/2021 , 2m, 56s

Hi there so today I wanted to talk about the merits of a framework I get this question quite often like when do I decide to bring in a framework or even just bringing in libraries versus just build it yourself. And so first on like the framework side of things if you're building something that's like basically a HTML page or you're doing some surveyor server template thing and you just need to enhance your app a little bit with some JavaScript so therefore it's more of a website than an app.

Then yeah, you probably don't need a framework the browser differences are pretty.Smooth to over by now and yeah you may not need a framework in that case, but like my audience of the the people that I'm working with mostly are very primarily focused on building web applications and for that if you don't want to build or use a framework and and they're legitimate reasons to not want to use a framework, but if you don't what is going to happen is you're going to build a framework for yourself.

Eventually, you'll build abstractions for everything. And the difference between your framework and one of the more popular andTry to true frameworks is your framework is used by only you and it is not battle tested. It is also maybe not even tested. It hasn't gone through the rigor of being deployed to production by lots of other people and so there are a lot of bugs that you just don't know about.

And so I would really strongly advise against building your own framework unless you have just some very particular needs that none of the other frameworks can satisfy. And I would suggest that 99.9% of applications the,That you would build for the web there's a framework that is well suited for the task And in fact most frameworks can cover 90% of the needs of most web applications today.

I'm sure. So even deciding between which framework is less of an important point at this point, they can all pretty much do what you want them to do. And so as far as like libraries when should it just bring in libraries? I mean, there's always the risk of you know, some security vulnerability.

There's there's this article a while ago about somebody who's been stealing credit card credentials because they published something to.NPM which of course that was not true they'd hadn't actually done that but they were saying this is a thing that I could have done and it absolutely is and it's terrifying but do you want to build a product or do you want to build a bunch of libraries.

Because ultimately if you don't use libraries to do things you're going to build your own and there's nothing wrong with that. You can like copy some code and and put it into your vendor directory or something like that. Like there's nothing wrong with that. You can totally do that.

But it is a trade-off and you just need to acknowledge that fact. So, I can't give you a solid answer on that but hopefully that was at least thought provoking for you. Have a nice day.