Productivity through Live Streaming

01/22/2021 , 2m, 59s

Hey friends so I've been thinking a lot about productivity this year because that has been my theme for the year has been planning and I want to be really productive because with the covet situation in my family, I have the I spend the morning with my kids and then I work in the afternoon so I actually only work half days which is awesome, but it also means that I don't have much time to get stuff done and so I am I just try to be super productive at the time that I have.

And so, I've learned a couple of things about that and one thing that I want to talk.About specifically is the productivity of like the time you're actually at work working and something that helped me a lot even before all of this was live streaming. So I've been live streaming my work for a long time and from the very beginning the the kind of motivation behind my live streaming wasn't to create content at all.

If that had been the motivation then the content that I created would be of higher quality. But the actual motivation was to keep myself on task because I can get,Distracted pretty easily. And so by live streaming if I get distracted by Twitter or something, I have to acknowledge what I'm doing to anybody who's watching.

And not always are people watching sometimes nobody tunes into livestream, which is fine. And this is why I don't actually look and see whether anybody's watching. So, I don't like I don't always sorry about that. I don't always interact with the people that are watching the livestream. I do have a chat.

And so sometimes I'll chat but I I don't ever see how many people are watching live because it doesn't matter. What I'm doing is I'm trying to be productive and so just the thought that somebody could be watching and and it's actually recorded so people could be watching the future.

And that just keeps me on task and I get so much done when I'm live streaming. So that's something that I would suggest and you don't need a bunch of complicated software or anything. I I've used OBS and you get a higher quality experience there. I have a green screen and everything.

But I found that it's just a little more work to set up when like my purpose isn't the the content or anything. So what I do now is instead is I just use zoom and zoom has the ability to live stream and I don't know whether that's a paid thing or not.

So you may have to look at that, but it doesn't have to be really complicated. You can get software to do it. The the whole purpose is just let's make myself believe that people are watching so that I can be really productive and it works really well.So, I'd give that a I recommend that give that a shot and see how you feel about live streaming your stuff.

You can't always do it, but when you can it's cool. See ya.