Creating Content: My Secret to Learning

01/27/2021 , 2m, 57s

Hey there friends So none of you are content creators none of you aspire to that or anything but I kind of want to change your mind on that a little bit. Creating content isn't just for the people who are out there creating content and getting paid for it like me or whatever I didn't start getting paid with the concept that I create and much the content.

I create is actually not paid. My but like I often actually get asked about like, how do you learn stuff and and how do you like know the stuff that you know. And and my answer is that I kind of cheat and I say, hey, I want to learn about.

How to use Angular with React and so I'm going to make a conference talk proposal that is that. So, I know it's possible. I just I've never done it before maybe but I know that it's possible. So I'm going to make a conference talk proposal. It gets accepted and so now I have like, I'm forced to go and learn this thing.

And in the process of creating that content, I'm learning a lot about both of these frameworks. So creating content is a mechanism for solidifying in your mind the things that you want to learn about. And so this is why I want to encourage you to write a blog or create content.

In whatever form you want but blog is pretty straightforward most people can do it without too much trouble And your first couple blog posts may not be very good and that's totally fine but as you do it more you're going to get more experience and you'll get better at it.

So don't worry about it and and really your goal isn't necessarily to create this blog that everybody reads and it's the next thing CSS tricks or whatever maybe that's what you want to do, but that's not relevant to what I'm talking about. Your goal is to create the content and force yourself to think about the things that you're writing.

I'll give you an example yesterday.I was writing my weekly blog that I decided I do a weekly blog a couple years ago and it's been going for a while and it's awesome. And I was writing in my weekly blog. I grabbed some code that was in one of my workshops.

It was a fetch implementation for fetching Pokemon using this API. Anyway, and as I was writing the blog post, I realized that there was a small bug in my implementation. Even after I moved it over to TypeScript, there was still a back. In fact, I found two now I think about it.

And so in the process of creating this blog post, I learned.More about the code that I was writing about So this is just wanting of many many examples Like I've written libraries based on things that I learned as I was creating content. In fact, testing library Dom testing library cypress testing library react testing labor all of that came because I was creating content on how to test and and then I decided oh this is too hard.

I'm gonna make a library to do that. So anyway, I would encourage you to take a little bit of time to write down what you're learning create some content to dig a little deeper into the things that you feel like, you know, really well.I hope that helps have a wonderful day.