Join the KCD Discord and request podcast topics

02/03/2021 , 2m, 52s

Hey there friends I want to make an invitation to you So yeah you're not gonna learn a whole lot in this one. Feel free to skip if you want but my invitation is I opened a well reopened channel on my discord you can find it at Kensie slash discord and that channel is three minutes with Kent and so that's a place for you to discuss the episodes but more importantly in the reason I'm bringing it up is it's a place for you to ask for particular episodes so you can ask questions or you can say hey, what do you think about this or whatever you want to andHopefully my answer can be within three minutes if it can't then or you have like, hey I have a block of code that I want you to review or something like that.

If that's a case then you can actually come to my office hours which you'll find at Kensington / office hyphen hours. In any case, yeah, I just invite you to come to my discord. It's a fun community, we're awesome. It's a great. I prefer hanging out on Discord way more than I like hanging out on Twitter.

And so yeah, it's a fun place and there's a special channel the three minutes with Kent channel where you can.Talk about different episodes and you can with other people who listen myself included. And you can request topics and ask specific questions and stuff and and I have plenty of ideas of things that I want to talk about on this three-minute podcast that we enjoy each and every day.

But yeah, I'd love to hear what you all would like to me to talk about. So, I'm not just trying to create this thing in a vacuum. I want to make this be something that's more of a I don't know. Inspired by the things that you.Do want to hear.

So anyway, so you go to slash discord to go join the discord and enjoy all the other awesome topics that we've got there. We have a channel about just life outside of software development. We also have a react specific channel and a the yeah, it should be I should just like pulled up and look at and and just list off we have the KCD clubs is in there.

There's also an OSS raid group that's open source group of people who like go on these raids where they do.Just contribute a ton of stuff to different open source libraries and projects and stuff. It's really really cool. So that is organized there. We've got some like my own stuff so I do live streams there coding live streams and and my office hours every Saturday.

So yeah, it's a good time. So if you come for no other reason than to just be a part of all of that, that would be cool, but then also have that special channel for this podcast. Anyway, I hope you have a marvelous day and we'll see you hopefully on the discord.