Where my money comes from: my transparency page

02/06/2021 , 2m, 53s

Hey there friend so today I want to talk to you about my transparency page. So I just added a new page to my website can't see slash transparency and I created this website or this page after I was thinking about something over the last few days about actually started with clubhouse.

So actually, you know, what even before Covas I've always really been concerned about the incentives of companies. And how messed up incentives can give us companies that will pollute the planet and sell users.Data And so if you have the right incentives and you know like for example a company that includes the planet needs to pay for the cost of cleaning that pollution up if that were to be the case then we would not have nearly the problem that we have now.

And so just getting an incentives aligned in in the right way can solve a lot of problems. However regulation isn't there yet and and I don't know if it ever will be and I'm not here to talk about politics or anything. But incentives are important and so as consumers we should be thinking about theIncentives of the companies that we consume or the companies that we support.

And so with clubhouse recently I was thinking about well, we don't know how they make money and so I'm unsure whether I want to really support them because we don't know how they make money. I realize that I do interact on Twitter and they make the way they make their money is something.

I don't necessarily agree with either but that's a decide the point. Anyway, I'm interested in.In understanding at least where companies make money and I feel like and this is what I tweeted the other day I feel like every company should have a page that describes how they make money and if they don't make money yet and they're just like burning through VC funds or something then they should explain what they what their plan is for making money eventually and if they don't know then they should at least tell us whether they're going to turn their users into the product or if they're going to sell a product to their users.

And so as I was thinking about this and I said, every company should have a page like this, I realize oh I have a company. I guess I could make aA page like this and so I did and this that's what the transparency pages. It's all about helping you get an idea of what my incentives are.

So that when you're supporting me you understand where what you are actually supporting. And so go ahead and go take a look at it. I also break down like where my money comes from who pays for the things that I'm selling and and then what I do with that money as well.

So go ahead and take a look at that page and I hope you have a spectacular awesome day. Bye.