Keep an eye on Remix

02/13/2021 , 2m, 56s

Hey friends I've just been thinking a lot about remix recently, so if you haven't heard of remix this that's what I want to tell you about just to try and convince you to go give it a serious look so remakes is a react framework that is both server side and client side it's a lot of people compare it to next but it's pretty fundamentally different from the way that next operates it is file system based routing though, there is a imperative API that you can use to declare routes programming programmatically, but what?

Makes remix really special is it's embracing of the web platform and not just brand new features though, it does leverage newer features and things and take advantage of those when they're available but also like age-old features like http caching very heavily and gives you just really nice APIs for that sort of thing and I'm like resource preloading and prefetching a lot of really really cool things.

Frankly that we reached for or we were excited about suspense for so like react suspense we're trying to optimize for loading resources and preloading them and whatever remix has like solves pretty much all the same problems and it's built in and it works for the first initial load where suspense can't help you with any of that stuff you have to get suspense into the browser before it can do anything to help you so yeah anyway, I'm just super impressed by what remix has to offer and what's cool is I've talked with Ryan Florence about this.

Right so remix has created by Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson's Jackson the creator creators of Reactor and Ryan has told me that their plan is to put a lot of what is in remakes into react router and there will be plenty of stuff that's in remix to like all the build and the file system stuff and whatever but a lot of the really cool features that I I'm personally really enjoying will be a part of React router and so I think that that's gonna be pretty legit we'll look forward to.

An official release of reactive router V6, you know nested routing oh it's awesome yeah lots of really cool things coming to react around her but in general remix will wire things together for us really nicely to make some really fantastic user experiences and just with a really great developer experience so I would encourage you to take a look at remix maybe you don't have to buy a license right away but like go to check out the YouTube channel and watch a couple videos, it's awesome take care.