Stick with your worthy goals

02/17/2021 , 2m, 58s

Hey there friends. So today I want to talk with you about Typescript. So my friend Tanner Lindsley was tweeting about how it's kind of frustrating. He's been into typescript for the last few months doing some open source stuff and and if you've never written like a generic abstraction in TypeScript like a library or something then you may not know that Apple type script is way way easier than library type script.

Making something.Eric and and can handle all sorts of different use cases and stuff in TypeScript is very very very difficult and that's not to you know, not or under appreciate the difficulty of just type script in general, but library type script is just very much harder in general not not always been in general.

So he's just been kind of frustrated and I definitely can relate to this frustration because most of the TypeScript that I have written has also been library level type script and it is frustrating.Especially for people like tenor and me who've been doing JavaScript for quite some time and we feel pretty confident with it.

It can be really frustrating when like you feel like you have to relearn everything. In fact, I've been doing a lot of snowboarding and I decided to get a private lesson and I knew that I developed a bunch of bad habits and stuff but man, it was it's just really frustrating when I feel really proficient as a snow border, but then I have to break all these bad habits and so I end up being a worse.

Snowboarder for a while while I'm learning the right way to snowboard efficiently. And I think it's sort of the same as same sort of feeling that Tanner and I are having around typescript and and what I want the reason I wanted to bring this up today was often you are really comfortable and the framework that you're using or the the tools or technologies that you're using in your day to day job.

And occasionally, you have to jump into something new and new is not necessarily bad.But it does mean that you're going to slow down for a little bit and you have to be really patient with yourself when you do this. Otherwise you can just be a very frustrating experience and I think most of us have probably had an experience like this before but what I would suggest is if the goal is worthwhile then stick to it and you know find people to talk with about your frustrations because maybe that that can help but if it's a worthy goal then stick to it just power through and eventually you'llDevelop the experience that you're hoping for.

Good luck.