Introducing KCD Community Meetups

02/20/2021 , 2m, 52s

Hey friends, sorry that I didn't get one of these recorded yesterday was just busy I guess but today I want to tell you about this new thing that I worked on this last few days called Meetups so you probably know what a meetup is or like what we typically think of where people meet up and and talk about a specific subject but I was intrigued by the app clubhouse that's been hyping up recently and the just the idea of getting people together to talk about things audibly and,I realized that like compounds doesn't do a whole lot more than what I have in my discord, but there are some things that I can do with my bot to facilitate that sort of experience for people more frequently and so I decided to work on that and that's what we're calling meetups and so meetups are like the the goal is to help develop friendships within the community to make the world a more pleasant place for all of us, so that's the basic idea, but what you can use meetups for is basically boundless so long as you're following the code of conduct you can.

Talk about anything you could play a game together you could collaborate on a solution like mob programming or you could practice a talk or you could talk about a movie or a book or give a demo of your work or chat about world events or whatever else you could imagine and that's kind of the idea is that it's totally open-ended in the KCD discord.

I have my office hours. I also live stream there and it kind of felt weird because the KCD discord is more than just KCD it's there's so many people in there in fact. I'm not even the one who's sending the most messages on there anymore.Um and so it just felt kind of odd to have a special place for me and not for everybody else and so now my office hours and my live stuff are just meetups and anybody else in the whole community can do that same thing if they want to and just using the regular meetup command so I just introduced it today.

I just made a video that I'll link you to that you can go watch and see kind of a demo of what meetups are and how the bot works with it and I'd love for you to go try it if nothing else you can at least go and follow me.

Using the follow me channel on discord so that you can be notified when I start I start a meet up and you can join me whenever you're available it's kind of fun and I hope you find it interesting and really I just want to connect people especially during this time where we're not really as connected we don't just like meet people randomly this hopefully can be a place where we can connect more with humans so anyway.

I hope that's helpful and I will see you all in the future goodbye.