Writing Excuses: Smart Promotion

02/23/2021 , 2m, 6s

Hey friends. So some of you may not know this but I am a hobbyist novel writer and I listen every week to a 15-minute podcast. Well, it actually they end up talking for like 25 minutes normally but they call it the 15 minutes long because you're in a hurry and we're not that smart but the episode for this last Sunday was episode 8 of season 16 and it's titled Smart Promotion and they're talking about promoting yourself as an author but I thought some of the things that they talk about in here.

Are really really applicable to promoting yourself as a software engineer. And this isn't only if you want to be like a content creative or like me or anything like that, but just in general, how do you promote yourself so that you can have the flexibility and power to do the things do the work that you want to do?

And that's all I wanted to share today is going to be a quick one. So, I'll provide a link to this episode in in the notes for this episode of three minutes we can't but yeah, so,I really want to convince you to listen to this so, I'll just read the background here so it says let's talk about how to promote yourself and your work and how to do it well.

The tools we use for this continue to involve and in this discussion discussion, we'll cover things that have worked things that have stopped working things we use now and strategies we apply to not sync beneath the turning disruptions and demick to promoting books or really anything else. And that last bit or really anything else seriously this is just a really great short.

Podcast episode that I strongly advise that you give some time to listening to because it's really solid advice. Yeah, it's 24 minutes long. So give this a listen and you won't regret it. And yeah, I hope that's helpful and useful to you have a glorious day and we'll chat with you later.