Remote working tips

02/24/2021 , 2m, 58s

Hey friends. So in the three minutes podcast channel on the KCD Community on Discord, I got a question from Sandrina about any tips for switching from working in the office to working remotely. And I made that switch several years ago. I when I was working at Alianza, I worked from home a couple days out of the week sometimes and and then when I worked at PayPal part of the the deal was I didn't want to move to California and so,They said okay we can have you work remotely I was joining a team that was halfway remote anyway and so it ended up working out nicely that way that wasn't a very normal thing to do and Sundrino also mentions that like a lot of people are kind of being forced into this remote environment and so it makes things a little challenging so just to some tips for me on working remote since I've been doing it for like five years now maybe more.

I think one of the things that,Helps me the most is being able to have a designated space. I do have an office but I don't think you need an office for this to be successful. So you have a special place that is just for work and when you're there you're working because one of the big challenges with working from home is there's not really a separation between life and work.

It's all just kind of been in the same space. And so, it can be hard to stop working or hard to start working. And so having a special place that you say,Okay when I'm in this position or in this spot of my home that is working time. And when I leave this spot that is done with working time.

That helps a great deal. I have four children and so that can be a challenge. My wife is a full-time mom and so she's able to take care of the kids, but of course the kids want to interrupt me throughout the day to show me stuff and I'm more than happy to be interrupted by them when I'm able just like when you're in an office, you get interrupted by coworkers all the time telling you about like what happened in the soccer game.

Or whatever like different things that may or may not be relevant to your actually work, and I see my kids interruptions as basically the same thing except. I actually care about them. I of course, I care about my coworkers, but I love my kids. So it's different. So, I don't stress over those interruptions.

And in general, they're pretty respectful. If if they weren't like if my family wasn't respectful my work time, then I would need to have a conversation with them about that and it does take a bit of a team effort. So if you're family isn't being respectful of your work time, then have aConversation make that work.

All right, good luck.