List out different things that appear to do the same thing

02/25/2021 , 2m, 50s

Hey friends so I'm rendering a blog post today and I learned to something that, I thought you might find interesting. I'm not specifically the thing that I learned but just the thing that I learned about when you're trying to teach something. Anyway, so the if you're entering something new you're getting into a new space and and there are a lot of things that seem similar to you and you're like, I don't know what to use this or that or whatever and they just seem like they satisfied same use cases.

It can be really useful to list out and kind of try to categorize all of those.At a different use cases or the different things that seem similar So specifically I'm talking about functions with type script. Now with regular JavaScript, there are lots of different ways to write functions, you've got properties on objects, you have methods on objects you have class methods.

You have arrow functions. You have function declarations and expressions and so there are a lot of different ways to write functions and then you add typescript on top of that and you can write a typing for a function and then you can add that as an annotation on a function expression.

Lots of different ways to.Type these things too And so it was just kind of boggling my mind and so I'm just listing them all out here are all the different ways to write functions and type script. And I'm learning that there are certain realizations that kind of come upon you as you're listening these things out.

Some things that you hadn't really considered and you get a better understanding or at least I'm getting a better understanding of when these different things are necessary or useful and then when you're all done, you have a reference to to go luck and you say, oh I need to do this.

I remember that's like one of the ways that I read.A function whatever so I'll just go look at that reference that I wrote And there may be references sort of like this in existence In fact, I'm looking at the TypeScript Docs right now that talk about functions and it does have some of the stuff but writing it yourself you you come up with your own examples and and you think about things done a little different way.

It just there's something to be said about the process of creating this content that helps you really solidify it a lot better. So that's what I would suggest to you if you're entering something new or maybe even something old I've been using TypeScript for a lot.Of time. This is always bugged me.

So you're just like not super solid on something especially when there multiple ways to do the same thing and you're not sure about the use cases for those different ways. Try to list them out and you could do this in a box post or just in your own notes, but try to list out all of the different ways to do the same thing and you'll learn different things about them.

I hope that's helpful and I hope you have a fabulous awesome day Ciao.