Use a password manager

03/01/2021 , 2m, 18s

Hey friends So today I just want to talk about password managers really quick So like, this is gonna be pretty short but I just wanted to beg you for all that is good in the world. Please use a password manager. I use one password. I've been using it for a few years and I love it.

I can't even imagine my life without this. Especially with my wife and I who we share a lot of logins for like our insurance and stuff like that, like I just can't even imagine having to manage that between the two of us. We used to have like a little algorithm to generate the password based on the service.

It's so like it that we just memorized it was no good. Use a password manager. Now one thing that I wanted to mention about password managers is like one password is you can actually save your one-time passwords or like your two-factor authentication stuff within one password. And that sort of defeats the purpose of QFA but not exactly I'm actually fine.

I putting it directly in one password. It's it is so easy. It's actually makes two factor authentication just like dead simple. And if you have a secure enough password for your,One password then not even one password could get into that. Like it's it is really encrypted and and secure.

I I'm not afraid of losing access or losing or having my one password credentials hacked or anything like that. I'm really confident in that. And so given that I am all for the convenience that that storing these passwords in one password along with the two-factor authentication codes and just makes it so easy.

Man, I love it. I love it. It's so awesome.Definitely if you are not using a password manager seriously like you think that it's gonna be a lot of work and it will but it's something you can do over time and you will thank yourself over and over and you'll maybe maybe you'll thank me.

If you're not using a password manager right now, then shoot me a message and ask me or and like after you've started using it and say thanks can't because you will. It is so great. All right, hopefully that is helpful have a wonderful password manager day and we'll talk to you later.