Doesn't matter how slow something is if you can cache it before the user

03/02/2021 , 2m, 56s

So I've been working with Remax for a little while and I'm still trying to learn enough about it that I can articulate my feelings on it really well because I know a lot of people are comparing it to next year yes and and likewise should I pay for something when there's a free option?

Trust me, this is gonna be huge and I'm super excited for when they do things to make it so people can try it out a little bit more. But as I was working with it, I,Am or just over the last few months that I've been working with it it embraces browser-level caching and CDN caching so naturally that this becomes really nice.

So when we're talking about like resources that can be cached heavily regardless of the user even with the user honestly like with user data one of the nice things about that sort of caching strategy is it means that?You can not be lazy but be more ambitious with the sorts of performance things that you're doing on the server.

And so like, for example, I had I'm able to have my blogs be built and calculated or like compiled from MDX on the fly because I know that the like things are going to be cash and no users actually going to have to wait for the time that it takes to compile on the flying.

And yeah, so it's really,Awesome that way like we don't have to worry about building ahead of time we can update the blog post and then have it immediately update the cache and and and no users have to wait or anything. There's actually a really great video that Ryan Florence put together on the remix channel on YouTube talking about caching and you should definitely go look that up but being able to just say I'm gonna do this performance intensive thing or maybe not even like perform or like computationally expensive butWe have to like hit the network and go get this and whatever, I don't care how long it takes because none of my users is gonna feel that I'm going to hit it first as part of my build problem or part of my deployment process or my cash invalidation strategy and so I'll hit it first.

I'll make sure that the cash is updated before any users even and know that the cash risk changed. I'm really looking forward to being able to actually demo some of this stuff. Remix is amazing. I can't wait for you all to see this stuff that I'm thinking about doing with my web.

Site with it. It's gonna be awesome. Okay, hope that's useful in interesting have a wonderful day.