You Can Use React EVERYWHERE: Custom React renderers

03/04/2021 , 2m, 55s

Hey friends So today I want to tell you about this repo I found called Awesome React Renderer and I'll add a link to it in the notes here, but you know how you have the reactant module and then you have react on and then you have react native. Well, these are called renderers so react is responsible for creating the elements and stuff.

And then these different renderers are responsible for taking those elements when things are supposed to be rendered and showing it up in whatever environment that it's in whether that be in the web or if it's on an aided device or whereverWell it turns out that because of this plugal went nature people are able to innovate and do some really cool things with react and this repo lists a bunch of different custom renderers that people have built.

So you've got React dominant here, but you also have react to tiny dom which is a minimal implementation of React on using React Reconcilary, which is interesting. I'm not sure I'd recommend using it in production, but maybe there's yeah, there's tons of stuff in here you've got React Art React Canvas for rendering in Canvas popular one that you may be aware of.

Is react three fiber, which is for rendering to three JS so you can get some really awesome 3D stuff going on in the web, which I just think is so so cool. You may have heard of React to Native Dom which is supposed to allow you to have the same code run in the web as well as in native ends up being pretty cool.

I know a lot of people have used that. There's a reactive VR which is cool and that is actually like an official. React renderer for virtual reality.And then you also have desktop renderers So I'm just looking at the list and reading a couple of the interesting ones So we've got this proton native which is a reactive environment for cross-platform native desktop apps and you got a bunch of others here, we've got react native of course for mobile.

There's also a reactant native script and then command line interfaces we've got three of these react blessed and ink and react CLI I think I've heard a lot of good things about React blessed and ink before. So yeah, you can like render stuff to the terminal and have like kind of a UI in that terminal along with your seat.

Belies Very cool There's React TV for television There's React hardware, so you can interact with like maybe making hardware applications. It's just mind-blowing. There's one for email. There's one for working with PDFs and Word documents and stuff. There's one for music called Wax, which is kind of interesting. So anyway, there's just a ton of React Figma is in here.

You've got React Slack renderer and there was one that's a React AST, which is like mind-blowing very very interesting stuff. So definitely come take a look at this. It's fascinating what you can do.With React these days. I love it. Take care.