Make Processes Instead of Goals

03/04/2021 , 2m, 50s

Hey friends, so I want to talk about making processes not goals. So I noticed recently that I cannot stretch as much as I used to so I could try to put my hands down and try and touch my toes and I'm not even close and and and bothers me and I'd like to be able to be more flexible and my muscles are sore and stuff.

So I want to do more stretching. But I I have you know lived life for long enough and and made enough goals to realize that making goals with an end in themselves.Especially like big Harry audacious goals are it's it's difficult and and there's nothing wrong with setting your sights high on something that you want, but it can be overwhelming and often it leads me to just kind of giving up or just saying oh not today, like I'm having an off day or something.

But if instead if I focus on the process rather than the specific outcome, then it's a lot more straightforward. It's a lot easier. We often talk about like taking a big goal and making smaller goal.S but I think that if you can take a big goal something that you want to have accomplished like I want to have a job or I want you know, and often some of these goals are things that you can't make happen yourself like it depends on other people but anyway you take one of these big goals and you figure out a process that will get you to that goal.

So if you do a codecata every day, or if you do, you know, whatever it is, just like find something that you can do. So for me, I have this notebook that I keep in my pocket of all the things that I do or that I want to get done in the day.

And I look at it regularly throughout the day to remind myself of what I'm trying to accomplish for the day. And I put on their stretch and so every time I pull out my list I see stretching away. Oh, yeah, I need to stretch and so I'll just do a stretch for a couple minute or for, you know, a couple seconds like 30 seconds.

And I do that throughout the day and and this can become a process for me where ultimately by following the process and trusting in the process. I will have my ultimate goal, which is to be able to to stretch and feel comfortable andYeah and just not feel so tight all the time.

So anyway, I hope that's useful to you think about the like really big thing that you want to accomplish and instead of just thinking about it every single day and like I need to do things to get me there. Think about the process. Think about something that you can do that is simple that you can just make a regular thing that will ultimately get you to where you want to be.

I hope that's useful. Have a wonderful day.