Don't sell your kindness for time

03/09/2021 , 2m, 59s

Hey friends so I was waiting in line for something and I needed to get this thing done so I can move on to my next thing so I wouldn't be late and whatever and there was just this big group of people in front of me that they were just taking a long time and they should have come earlier to do the thing that they were doing because they were gonna be late for what they were doing to and and so it was a little bit frustrating to me and I was part of me wanted to like say something I got or like can I cut in front of you because you know, I just,I'm mine's really quick or whatever but I realized that you know, I wanted to assert myself and be rude to generate like basically to save myself a few minutes it really wasn't a lot of time and it made me ponder a little bit on how how much time are you willing to give to a like to be rude and how much time does it take before you decide that it's better to be rude?

I'm now there of course sometimes where it like you, you know, you're it's spouses having a baby or something like they're you need to hurry up whatever but in general I think that it's just better to learn to be patient like if it's really just a matter of a few minutes and maybe you're gonna be a little bit late to a lunch or or some meeting or something, you know, is it really worth being rude or maybe cutting somebody off of driving unsafely or whatever just to save yourself a few minutes or be less late, you know, I,I that was just something that I was thinking about and I realized that typically I share on this three-minute podcast some of my thoughts on software development and the career thereof and whatever but I one of the things that I think is really important and actually was the first episode of three minutes with Kent was how important it is to be kind so you know is it my father-in-law I like to quote him saying is it more important to be a hard worker or to be smart and it's more important to be a hard worker and isn't more important to be a hard worker to be nice it's more important.

To be nice and I feel like that's a general principle that we should explore and a little bit in our lives and and try to emphasize being kind to other people. I have this laptop sticker on my laptop. I I'm very fond of stickers and I saw this on a youtubers laptop and I just had to find it and get it and so I did and it's actually it's a circle and it has Fred Rogers mr Rogers in there and it says the words be kind and I actually got two of them so that when I get my next laptop I make sure I have another one.

Of those I love it anyway. I hope that's helpful and interesting have a wonderfully.