When is a good time to buy a stock?

03/10/2021 , 2m, 58s

Hey friends So today I'm going to talk about investing. And so, let's just like close your eyes maybe and imagine with me a graph of the stock price of any stock. Typically, it's going to have some ups and downs and things and let's say that the point at the end is at a certain level.

And I want you to imagine or to answer me the question. When would have been like thinking historically, when would have been a good time to buy the stock. And in your mind, you might be looking at some of the dips in the price of this stock.You and you might be thinking oh like very at the very beginning it would have been really good to buy the stock.

The answer that question is actually any point where the stock price is less than you think it's going to be in the future. That's the answer to this question. So when is it a good time to buy a stock? It's when you think the stock price is less than it is going to be in the future.

So the best time or a good time to buy this stock, you know, of course the best time to buy the stock would be at the very beginning, you know of any successful company the the very initial offering or whatever.But barring that when's a good time to buy the stock it's just any time you think that the price is lower than it's going to be in the future.

So, I think a lot of people make the mistake of looking at a stock price and be like, oh there's the dip that would have been an awesome time to buy the stock. Yeah probably but I mean when when you're talking about investing there there are two types of quote-unquote investors.

There's the investor that's doing high frequency trading and they're day trading they're looking at stock and hoping that it's going to go up in the next couple days, so they can sell or whatever.This isn't an investor. This is a gambler. And Gamblers they can make some they can lose some but they spend their lives just stressed over stock.

The other kind of investors an actual investor the person who researches a company has a good idea of what that company has to offer and what it's potential is and invest in that company for the long term. This is a type of investor that I am and I am I focus on a few select positions, so I companies that I think are going to do.

Really well in the future whether or not the stock is overpriced right now is totally irrelevant all in concern about is will that stock price go up. And and yeah, so don't worry about like stock prices going up and down. I'm just focus on is the the stock price lower than it's going to be in the future based on the research that I've done.

So I know that's not at all tech related but it was just something that I was thinking about I this is not investment advice whatever all that disclosure stuff but it's just kind of my,Thought process around investing. Hope that's useful. Have a wonderful day.