esbuild is a FAST bundler ⚡

03/16/2021 , 2m, 56s

Hey folks, so today I want to tell you about ES. Build so if you haven't heard of ES. Build it's been making a lot of noise recently. I think it's I I didn't check but I think it's been around for at least a year. I think is the first time I heard of it.

But basically, it is kind of you you can think of it as a bundler like webpack but written and go and apparently go as much better suited for bundler tasks because it is wicked fast. Like I've tried it myself and you think that it's broken.Because it's so fast like you think it just didn't run and because you execute ES build and it's instantly done.

It's it's outrageously cool. And so it's starting to take over I've noticed in lots of different areas like the new meta frameworks that I'm seeing are using ES build bite the the view meta framework tool. I think it's like gonna be the new view CLI or something eventually but it's powered by ES build Remix, they're currently working on moving over to ES build.

I I'm using ES Build in MDX Bundler and a couple of the like newer smaller things like from Jason Miller the creator of Preact he's using ES build for his thing WMR or something. I think is what is called um, but yeah, it's just like oh and there's a new testing firmware called UVU that is using ES.

Build under the hood to just be just outrageously fast. For compiling typescript and everything. The only downside to using ES build currently that I can see is there's,No support for custom babble plugins which is a shame but these days I don't really use custom babble plugins for anything other than like code transformations like like code gen or prevalent and these are macros and I'm thinking we may be able to make a macros sort of plug-in thing that works with ES build.

So that's that's something I still need to investigate but and I think some people have tried some experiments to make Babel work with the US build but when you start doing that stuff, you kind of negate all of the benefits.The performance benefits of ease build because then you have to do AST compilation in node again and yeah that can be slow.

So anyway, if you haven't looked into ES build yet. I'm not telling you that you need to take your work application and and migrate everything from webpack over to ES build, but it is pretty powerful and it's something to keep an eye out for and there are other things.

I think there was one like SWC or something like that, that's written in rest. But yeah, it's exciting times and I thought I'd just share that with you. Hope you have an awesome day. We'll,Talk to you later.