Avoid the sunk costs fallacy

03/18/2021 , 2m, 18s

Hey friends, so I was just working on something for the last hour or so and I got to a point where I decided, you know what this I probably shouldn't be doing this like it was an optimization basically. I wanted to be able to change content on my site, so I whether it be a blog post or the about page or something like that, but not actually trigger a redeploy and I'm using GitHub actions right now for this site and there are ways that you can determine okay, what was the last successful deploy?

And what should be the you know what files are changed between that deploying this one and if they were only content files then just don't deploy them. And so, this is absolutely possible and I was working on it and I spent about an hour or so working on this and then I finally decided hey, you know what?

I don't think that I need to worry about this right now. It's an optimization so what if I'd redeploy on a content only change? Right now, I'm just trying to create the site in the first place. I'm not I'm barely even deploying. So yeah, I'm trying to solve a problem that I don't have and it's very.

Possible that when I'm all finished, I'm gonna switch from GitHub actions to to Netlify or something completely different and yeah, it just seems to me that this is way premature and I should be working on other things just to get this site up and going before worrying about you know, am I deploying unnecessarily?

So yeah, that was just a thought that I wanted to share with you all just make sure that you when when you realize that what you're doing may or may not be used.Full and there are other things that you could be doing that would be more useful then stop doing what that thing.

And I just made a branch and committed to changes that I made I pushed that branch up and so I'll have that code if I ever need it but I I don't think that I will honestly but in any case I've got it there and I can shift over to something that can provide more value and more of what I'm looking for.

So anyway, I hope that's helpful to you and I also hope you have a splendiferous day.