The Diversity of your team is a feature

03/19/2021 , 2m, 1s

Hey friends, so I am at ski resort in Utah right now and they have this kind of a funny story that in the bathroom they have the urinals covered up like every other one covered up for social distancing and a few weeks ago when I brought my son up here he needed to use the bathroom and all of the and he's he's kind of small so normal he just uses the pot but all of the those were being used and he really needed to go and so I was going to.

Have him use the urinal but they covered up the only small or short urinal so they because they covered up every other one they just happened to cover up the only short one and so I I ripped off the garbage bag that was tied on to it and so he could go but it just made me think like the the this is has something to do with like accessibility and the importance of diversity in your team because I imagine that the the person who is assigned to cover those up like they didn't tell them which ones to cover up they just covered it they chose one and they did every other one and it just happened to cover.

Up the the shorter one but if they'd been apparent then maybe they were a parent of small children or something then maybe they would have thought oh let's make sure we keep this one uncovered so that smaller or shorter as smaller children are shorter people can use this one and that's the sort of thing that you just miss out on if you don't have a diverse team so I I think that is like it's kind of a silly example, but it is an example of a situation where having a broader set of experiences on your team can expose you to more needs that.

Your users might have and so yeah those are some of my mind this morning. I just thinking about the importance of diversity. I hope that is interesting and useful to you and I hope you have a fantastic day and we'll catch you on the other side.