Universal remotes: So many use cases it's useless

03/23/2021 , 2m, 57s

What is up friends so this is another one in the real world programming analogies segment I guess so actually a long time ago. I wrote this down as something I could do for a blog post but you know TV remotes and how like you either have like 30 different remotes to control like your TV and the receiver and the the Chromecast, you know, like all the different and remotes that you need for that it's a disaster or you can get a universal remote.

And what's interesting about universal remotes is that they're to make them actually universal first of all there's a lot of work to make it work with all these different technologies, but then they're like 20,000 buttons on these things and nobody knows what they do because they have to be generic enough to be universal and I was and and so like either one of those is isn't great but it just made me think about abstractions and trying to make your stuff overly useful or satisfy at.

Every use case and actually I was listening to syntax recently and I think it was last week's article our podcast where Scott mentioned that he was trying to use some I think it was like an authentication thing and I think it's like account JS or something like that anyway, it supports like pretty much anything that you could imagine from a backend perspective and things and he realized that he had to do just a ton of work to glue everything together and only ended up on using like 10% of.

What this abstraction offered and realized that he could just write that 10% himself which he did and ended up being in a much better place and I have definitely experienced similar things myself where things are just so generic that it is basically not doing anything for you and so like there you're you've got both both sides of the coin and coin so like over modularity is a problem where you know, it just does so much that it's hard to make things or like you have to do a,Lot of work just to make it work and then you end up not using all of the features that are supported and on top of that maybe the library is going to the client side and so it's really big and that's a problem but also bad abstractions are a problem too and and so like making something too focused on a specific use case may not make it useful for general solutions or general problems and so yeah, like it just was something I always thinking about over modularity can be a problem just be careful of that and I hope that.

Is interesting take care.