The future is on the edge

03/25/2021 , 2m, 54s

Hey friends the future is the edge We've got the now-fight edge thing CloudFlare workers things we want to be able to deploy our code and have it run as close to the user as possible. Before it's always just been static files that you put on a CDN like Akamai or Cloudflare or fastify or something like that because that's really easy to do.

You just you deploy and then the provider will send these static files all around the world to their servers and and then users can get those files really quickly, but anytime you needed to get data you had to go to wherever the data.To the center was. And so that like pretty much doing a server rendered application would require that at some point you're going to be going to to have to go to some central place to to get that data.

And so it's going to end up being slow. And like in particular for server side rendering stuff it. It's not very useful unless you are doing stuff with data anyway. So things are changing. We've got these contour workers, so you can actually run server rendered.Staff or server side logic on the edge.

So close to the user and then we have fauna DB and I'm sure there are others like it that's the only one that I know of where the data lives on the edge as well. So when you do a right to the database Fana will push out the the right to all of its CDN clients or whatever all all of its servers all over the world.

And so then you're running compute on the edge and your data is right there on the edge too.And so it's just outrageously fast and it's really cheap like very cheap. Sometimes free if it's a very small sort of thing that you're building, but you're latency is going to be very like I'm looking at Cloudflare right now.

It says your actual latency is 16 milliseconds. It's like that's that's my latency on this page. I just tested again. It's 15 milliseconds. It's outrageous. Oh, how fast this stuff is? And so the future is the edge. We're going to have data on the edge. We'll have compute on the edge.

It'll be very.Very very fast. No cold starts cold starts are you know here on the clock for our workers page their support for zero millisecond cold starts. We're it's it's basically free it's outrageous and it's an exciting future. I'm not saying that you need to rewrite your app so that it works in a cloudflower worker or anything but I am saying that this is kind of the endgame for remix.

It's a definitely a target for what remix is trying to do and I'm super here for it. Yeah. I hope that's interesting. Have a good day.