Should every site be an installable PWA?

04/08/2021 , 2m, 55s

Hey there friends, so I have a question somebody's asking on the KCD office hours channel in discord and I decided this is something that I can answer in the three minutes with Kent alright podcast, so the question is what are my thoughts on PWAs nowadays should all websites be PWAs are there const making your site's PWAs so in general or to be clear a PWA stands for progressive web application and normally when we're talking about this we're talking about something that can be like installed.

You can have background notification like push notifications and stuff like that works offline, in fact Chrome recently started requiring or is going to require offline functionality to be present for your app to be installable as a PWA, so I have actually had my website installable as a PWA before and I've had a couple other a little apps or sites that I've made PWAs installable and it's kind of cool.

I would caution people against just saying let's make everything a PWA because I have had some sad experiences with service workers with Gatsby in particular it was just so easy to turn on offline capabilities, which is a plug-in but unfortunately that plug-in had a dependency that had a funny problem with it and so I ended up having testing install a,Service worker that would never get updated ever and so we launched testing, it's like here's this is coming soon and then when it was officially launched a ton of people did not see the update and so they couldn't buy the course and it was just a total nightmare disaster.

I had some frustration and annoyance with the PWA I had for my website and because people would come to see my blog and then I do an update between the last time they saw the flag and this time and so let's see old.Content and I'd have to do a notification that said hey there's some new content downloaded now and most the time people don't really care to have it offline and so it was just an annoyance so I would say that unless you're doing some offline support stuff then there's not really a great reason to make it installable and and whatever you have to have a good use case for your thing to actually be like an app and useful in that sort of context for making it a PWA, those are my thoughts on it.

I hope that's useful in interesting take care.