Neural nets podcast recommendation

04/15/2021 , 2m, 13s

Hey, you're folks. So today I listened to a podcast interview. It's about 50 minutes on. And it is on a podcast called Tesla daily. I which is a kind of interesting daily podcast about tests huh? But normally it's it's like a 15 minute long thing, but this one was 50 minutes and it was an interview with this fellow by the name of well, it's not showing the full name here.

James Duma and yeah, I,Don't I've never heard of this person before but they are really great at explaining neural nets and so I wanted to share this with you wanted to um, just encourage you to go give it a listen. Some of it was like hmm, I'm not sure I get this but after like thinking about it more and and listening carefully to that James explain it, um, I I feel like I have a much better understanding of neural nets now than I did before and I thought that you all find that to be kind of interesting, so I'm gonna include a link to theIt's on YouTube I I'm guessing this is also gonna be published as part of the the daily podcast that you can subscribe in your podcast reader or can whatever app that you use but I was really interesting kind of explaining how neural nets work especially in the like thinking about it from the context of Tesla and their autonomous driving they talk about that, but it's not specifically about that.

There and there's a little bit of the history of neural nets as well. In here, so this person was very knowledgeable.And goes pretty deep technically. So I wouldn't listen to this one on three Xs I'm saying. Anyway, give this a listen it's kind of interesting and yeah. I think it's kind of fun to broaden your understanding.

I know that I'm primarily a UI JavaScript kind of developer but yeah. I think that it's good to expand your horizons. So give this one a listen and I hope it does that for you. Okay, take care.