Trust the process

04/22/2021 , 2m, 51s

Hey folks, so today I want to talk about trust the process which I just barely looked up and apparently it's a slogan used by fans of the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers and now it's just everybody uses this and I use this and one of the things I think that I mentioned on three minutes with Kent months ago, when I started this new year one of my or my kind of goal or theme for the year was planning and the way that I executed that theme was I have a notebook and a pen that I keep in my pocket.

And at the beginning of the day I'll just look at my calendar and the things that I'm I need to do or maybe at the end of the day for the day the next day and I write down a list of all the things I want to get accomplished and so far this year.

I've done a really good job of keeping up with that process it's worked out pretty well. I had slipped up a couple times for like when we do spring break and stuff with the kids, but for the most part I've been doing this really well and it's worked out just phenomenally so I it's a pretty small thing.

But it's it makes me feel a lot more productive especially during on those days where you don't really feel like you get a lot done and you can look at your list at the end of day and say yeah sweet I did get a lot done or maybe like wow that one item on this list just took the whole day.

I didn't expect to expect it to to take all that time, but at least you can kind of reevaluate and think about the things that you got done and you can prioritize things and make sure that you don't spend so much time on the little things on your list that you miss the more important things and so you.

Can see it all in front of you and prioritize so this is worked out really well and there are times where I think man I'm just not getting as much done that I want to but then I just trust in the process and make sure that a I'm being as productive as I can and I can't really ask much more of myself so anyway for today.

I just want to encourage you to trust in whatever process you come up with and if you don't have a process, you don't have a goal or something specific that you're trying to achieve then I recommend that you get one and actually it's Scott Hanselman was on.Chats with Kent a while ago and he and I had a great conversation about being intentional about what you want and about how you spend your time and I just listened to it again today.

I'd suggest that if you haven't listened to it already go listen to it and if you have give it another listen because it Scott is just really inspiring has a lot of really good ideas and so yeah, if you haven't listened to that go go to and give that a listen.

I hope that's interesting and helpful to you have a wonderful day.