Use Super Simple Starts to learn new things

04/26/2021 , 2m, 22s

Hey friends So some of you may be familiar with my super simple start series of blog posts. I've got like six or seven of those and basically the idea is let's strip down everything else outside of the thing that we're trying to focus on and just bring in the abstractions or tools that are 100% necessary for whatever whatever it is we're learning and that means if we're talking about CSS variables or custom properties, that means we're not bringing in Webpack or any of that nonsense, it's all just index HTML and then style sheets and stuff.

And we're talking about react same story. We get rid of the build tools just get rid of all of that stuff and see how minimal we can make something work just kind of the hello world of this. We we don't care about whether this solution scales or anything and the idea is if we can separate the specific thing that we're trying to learn from all the extra things you need around it to make something practical you'll understand a lot more what the the role of that thing that you're trying to learn is.

And so,It just has helped me enormously where with regard to working with node modules like native ES modules or even the native ES modules in the browser. And so this is something an approach that I take when I'm trying to learn something new or maybe when I'm trying to introduce something new to somebody as I try to just pair it down as much as I possibly can to remove all of the noise and just focus on what we're trying to actually learn and it's been really effective and so I wanted to share that with you as an.

Idea if there's something that you're trying to learn and you want to just really get a solid grasp or understanding of a specific technology or whatever then try to make a super simple start to whatever it is that you're trying to learn. And I think that you'll find it's surprisingly easy to do typically or it's a lot easier because you can just ignore a ton of other things that we always have to think about when we're building real apps.

And then it also helps a great deal and actually being useful. So anyway, I hopeThat's helpful and I hope you have a wonderful day.