Watch the Remix Beta Release live stream today

04/29/2021 , 2m, 42s

Live stream link:

Hey friends. So today is an important day for a friend of mine. Our friends of mine Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence are releasing the beta 1.0 release of remix. And if you've been watching my Twitter or just kind of me in general, I've been really excited about remix. I've been reading writing can't to remix and it's just been a total joy.

I am super excited about the potential that remakes has and really excited about the approach that they're taking and.From a progressive web app standpoint whatever So if you're listening to this on the same day that I'm recording it then don't miss their live stream that's happening later today because it's going to be great.

I'm certain of it like they haven't given me a preview or anything but I'm sure it's going to be great. And I really encourage you to give some serious thought to remix as an option for the apps that you build in the future because it's phenomenal. The their approach to focusing on the foundations of the web and the and the features like we spend so much time.

Building JavaScript libraries and and abstractions for what is already built into the web platform just because we don't want to use it the way that the web platform has it for whatever reason but remix kind of brings it all back to those fundamentals and what that means is that the knowledge that you gain as you work with Remix is very transferable.

It's all based on the the platform that we've had for decades and it's much more powerful than just our own little abstractions that that we try to build.So anyway, it is really incredible. I'm really excited about remix and I am yeah don't miss their live stream about it today.

I will put a link in the transcript here but you can just go on YouTube and search for remix JS and you'll find their channel and you can watch the live stream today. Yeah. I think that's all that. I I don't want to dive too deep into things because I don't have enough time in this three-minute podcast, but yeah, I have never felt.

So excited about a framework before or like a meta framework like remix. It is phenomenal. So anyway, I'll stop using all these fluffy words to describe it. And you'll see more about remix coming from me, absolutely. So look forward to that. Hope you have a great day and I'll see you around.