Write that blog post

05/03/2021 , 2m, 57s

Hello friends So recently somebody asked on the KCD discord whether they should bother writing a blog post because the topic had already been covered a thousand times by other people who may have more experience in whatever. And I shared with them a blog post that I wrote quite a while back called solidifying your understanding or something like that.

And in it I mentioned a an interesting phenomena that I'm sure you've noticed sometimes you will be walking down the street and you'll see there's a McDonald's I really like a burger or whatever but then right.Next to it, you'll see a burger king. And then like we wonder sometimes like why would Burger King put a building here if there's a McDonald's right next door like they already solved the I need a burger problem why why would they bother doing that?

And the reason is because people's taste are different and people enjoy the the burgers, you know, or whatever quizzing you want to use as an analogy here. They enjoy that differently and they,And they have a different take on that But even if you don't have a different take even if it's exactly the same there's still value in that.

There's a street intersection down in Texas somewhere that has three Starbucks on it. So they're missing one Starbucks to get all four corners three Starbucks, I think one's in a Barnes & Noble and others in some sort of internet cafe or something and then there's an actual Starbucks but you you can get Starbucks on any three of those corners and and and it works and it's fine and people enjoy it and they you know, clearly there'sThere's business for that and in the same way there the internet is so vast and your reach is different from my reach is different from his research is different from her reach, whatever we're all over in just the way that we can reach people, especially if you know a language other than English if that's the case then you can reach people.

I simply can't. So definitely right that blog post to create that video make that content because the other side of this is that the,Content creation isn't just for the people consuming the content In fact it's often especially the beginning it's more for the person who is creating the content.

You learn a great deal by creating content at educational content of some kind explaining things. You can teach yourself in the future. You can go reference it later, but also the process of creating that content is going to make you understand it better. So, yes, I strongly advise that even though that everybody's already written about this or whatever go ahead and write about it yourself.

You'll learn more and you'll reach more people thanAre already being reached. Hope that's helpful. Have a good day.