Don't Solve Problems, Eliminate Them

05/04/2021 , 2m, 55s

Hey friends So a few days ago I tweeted something about like don't solve problems you should eliminate to problems before you try to solve the problem. Something like that. And I've been thinking about this quite a bit recently and probably going to write a blog post maybe even make a talk and for this concept.

But I just wanted to share with you all while I'm thinking about it and and there there are lots of examples of where eliminating a problem was much better than trying to find a solution to the problem. And you can find these as.Sorts of examples in real life as well as in programming.

So like an example in real life and actually I was watching a video about this this is what kind of made me start thinking about this was Tesla how they eliminated a ton of problems with gas-powered vehicles by making an electric vehicle. And so we no longer have I mean and we kind of create new categories of problems that we need to solve but by taking a completely different approach you can eliminate the existing problems.

And so, hopefully the new category of problems that you create.Are not as bad or easier to solve than the problems that you're eliminating. And they've got actually lots of really cool innovations that they've done that have eliminated problems like for example, they have this gigapress thing that I'm kind of cast a huge part of the the car all at once and so they don't need to worry about like the dozens of robots and welding and different stuff like that.

They just eliminated all those problems all together, which I think is really pretty cool. And in a program,Ming situation, we've got remix has eliminated a lot of problems by just having nested routes and they eliminate problems with caching and and a bunch of the the like all of the abstractions that we build like react query or formic or different things like that, those problems are eliminated by embracing the fundamental aspects of the web and just the way that they solve these problems.

I'll have more time to delve into some of these examples and in a blog post might?Talk but remix is another great example of eliminating problems and again you do create new problems but hopefully the problems you create are not as bad or easier to solve. And then finally react hooks eliminated a bunch of problems with classes.

We have some new problems but they are definitely classes had so many more problems than hooks, so I'm really glad of this change too. So anyway, I'm trying to think today of like some things that you use or some problems you have and see if you can eliminate those and yeah good luck with that.

See you.