Notes Driven Development

05/05/2021 , 2m, 47s

Hey friends So I was watching a live stream from Ryan Florence last night while I was putting my kids to bed They were falling asleep and I was in the room to make sure that they didn't go all whacko and stuff while they're trying to fall asleep. And so I was just watching Ryan codeps some stuff.

You should check it out. Actually Ryan has gotten some really good live streams recently, especially if you're interested in remix and stuff. And and actually sometimes I'll just watch it during the day. I'll just have it on in a different tab while I'm working and if I hear something that sounds interesting I can go over there.

So, it's kind of fun and interesting.And and yeah it's kind of fun to be on this side of the live streaming stuff at home but anyway one thing that I noticed that Ryan doesn't and I've seen him do this any time that I've seen him code not just in this livestream.

So he's been doing this for a while as far as I know. But he has this document open in his editor that's just like marked down format stuff. That outlines exactly what he plans on doing for that coding session, or at least he kind of keeps notes of the things that he's still needs to do.

That's not exactly pseudo code, but like, you know, create a user then save that users.Session in the database and then, you know, whatever else. And it I I I like this approach for me. I typically just have in my mind this idea of what I want to do and then I just go scramble around and and do the activities until those things are all finished but it's not as directed and I feel like I could definitely improve in this way and and get a little bit better at making sure that I'm accomplishing some specific tasks and and it also at the end of the day, you feel like you got a lot more done.

I do have a notepad that I,Where I write down all the things that I'm gonna do for the day but normally that includes stuff outside of coding and then I've got like work on this work on the website or whatever. And it would be cool to get a little more granular especially when you're working on new features and and stuff like that.

So I just thought that would be an interesting tip to share so next time you start working on a particular feature go ahead and just open up a text file and write out kind of outline the different tasks that you need to get accomplished and every couple minutes or so review that.

And see what you've finished and and what you need to work on next kind of help direct your your thought process and and implementation so that you get things done. And of course, you can always do it like test-driven development style if you want to but some of these things would be a little hard to test drive.

So in those situations having a list can be really helpful. Anyway, I'm gonna give this a shot some time and hope you do too and I hope it's helpful to you. Have a good day.