Avoid Context Switching: Use

05/06/2021 , 2m, 56s

Hey friends So you know how sometimes you do things so many times that you're like you know what I'm just gonna write a script for this and we'll run it and whatever and so I don't have to do this over and over again. And like some of those things can be pretty extensive, like there's a lot of stuff that you end up doing like you gotta open up this webpage and then you gotta click on that and then you gotta go do this, whatever.

And some of those things can be like really simple. So I just need to open this file add a line to this and save it and then close my editor or whatever. And you can speed all of those things up using like little CLI to.Pull that you make or something and the the value of this isn't necessarily in the amount of time that it saves you but in the amount of context switching it saves you from.

So so you don't have to pull up your whole editor, you don't need to pull up this tab or whatever it is. I actually have a blog post about like why saving time isn't the only reason to automate things which is kind of a good blog post. You can go check it out.

But what I wanted to tell you about today was there's a much better way to automate stuff. Especially if you're a Mac user Windows support for this is coming.Eventually but what I wanted to tell you about is this tool called script kit by John Linquist. So if you haven't heard of script kit, it's sort of like a spotlight or Alfred or or what what's the thing on Windows that you like you just hit the Windows key and then you can type something.

But yeah, it's just this little key combination that you can execute anywhere and then you type something and you can execute some little script that you have. So script kit it's it's really really cool and once you start creating these little auto.Mations and there are a lot of cool things you can do.

And it has some really awesome APIs for accepting arguments and and for prompting you for additional information, you can drag and drop files all sorts of really cool things that I just strongly urge you to take a look at and see how it can improve your life. So one thing that I do is I have a script that will automatically update dependencies for all of the epic reacts workshops, and so yeah.

I just run this script. It opens up. What is it seven?To terminals for the seven repos that epic or maybe eight repost synaptic react has and and it updates all of the dependencies and and then pushes that up automatically for me. And so that I can keep things fresh and quick and it doesn't take any time.

I've got another one that allows me to quickly open up any project that I have in VS Code and it's just it's much quicker than opening up a terminal and doing it like executing a script. So take a look at script kit, it's super cool. Have a nice.Day.