Don't bring an old problem's solution to a new tool that eliminates that problem

05/08/2021 , 2m, 58s

Hey friends I had an interesting thought this morning. So a lot of people when they start using a new technology like when next was released or when you know a new version of Reactor or or any React library or whatever they often will say, okay, how do you I use this with an existing technology that I already enjoy like, so how do I use next with glamorous?

That was an early thing. I remember or how do I use? Next with Jest or you know, whatever whatever it is. I would encourage you to when you're using anNew technology to avoid bringing in your previous and older or like the the previous technologies that you were using in conjunction with this new thing too early.

So what I mean by that is often we get really that we're using an existing thing and say we're using create react app. And we really like emotion for our styling. And so then we decide okay, I'm gonna switch over to a remix from Create. React app and I'm gonna say okay now I really like emotion for my styling so I'm gonna come in to.

That and try and figure out how to use emotion with Remix And I would discourage you from doing something like that right from the get-go. And the reason is that part of why we love our tools so much is because they solve problems and and that's that's great and they solve them in a way that we really enjoy.

But if you bring all of your old tools to the new technology or to the new framework or to the new other thing, you might find that things don't work together quite right and that could give you a bad sense of what is possible or whatever like a it might.

Put a bad taste in your mouth for that new technology When in actuality it turns out that you don't need or let me rephrase that you don't have the same problems that made you fall in love with this original tool. So remix is a great example of this because it just eliminates so many problems and so if you try to bring in solutions to problems that don't exist then yeah, you're probably going to have a hard time.

You're going to be like, well, what is what is remakes all about? I'm not actually this wasn't triggered by anything specific. I haven't seen anybody say wow. I don't like remakes because it's hard to use this tool. It was just a thought that I had this morning.And yeah probably would be a bit of a pain to to use some tools with remix but just make sure that those tools are still awesome when you have a framework that may eliminate that problem altogether.

So when you're learning something new, this is why I do my super simple start blog posts just to give you an idea of what this thing has to offer all by itself and in particular with remix actually just regular CSS files, you'll be blown away how good it works with just that.

Anyway, I hope that's interesting and applies to more than just Remix have a wonderful week.And a wonderful day. Whatever you listen to this have a wonderful one.