I use markdown and VSCode for slides

05/11/2021 , 2m, 57s

Hello friends you may have noticed that sometimes I use my editor as my slides in lots of the talks that I've given over the last few years and that was originally inspired by André Staultz who has the a blog post on his website called your IDE as a presentation tool where he kind of explains why he has done that and it's a good blog post you can take a look at that and even gives tips on how to do this effectively and stuff.

But I would just thought I'd mention why I like doing this. I actually am working on some slides right now for.A talk that I'm giving and I I've gone through so many different ways of making slides like I started with you know, Google Drive and or PowerPoint and and went on to I actually used Prezi for a while which was fun and and is probably where most of my slides are and I really like that one quite a bit.

I've made things simple. I used MDX deck tried to code my slides. And finally, I've kind of landed at using my editor for my,Slides because I think that just makes the most sense or it's just the the easiest for the types of presentations that I make which involve me moving my cursor around the screen highlighting text and maybe even adding text especially if I have some code samples or stuff or I want to like demo something.

It's all just right there in my editor I can type and add things and it just makes things a lot a lot easier and I would be lying if I didn't add or if I didn't say that there's a piece of me that kind of likes this approach because it's just,Way easier to make these kinds of slides.

And I sometimes see people who make just the most beautiful slides slide decks, and and everything is custom often like related to the conference specifically and and I am really impressed by that stuff and I think it's awesome and if that's something that you want to get into that's super great and I'm yeah, I'm impressed by that.

That making things look good is a real struggle point for me and thinking about like animations and stuff like that too.When I did MDX stack I struggled a lot with making things responsive so that it would look good regardless of the size of my screen and stuff and it was just such a pain.

So using my editor just gives me a lot of benefits and then I don't have to worry about all the extra things that I struggle with. I use markdown for pretty much every slide and then sometimes I'll have a gif in there as technically a slide. And you can take a look at this blog post that I'll add a link to to get a better idea of how I do this.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that.Maybe give it a try. See ya.