How to prepare for meetings that convince people

05/12/2021 , 2m, 57s

So let's say that you want to convince your coworkers to try a new tech or something like a new library or whatever and you think it's a really good idea but people aren't convinced. So what typically happens is you want to prepare a couple of ideas and stuff and bring it to a meeting and say, okay, here's here's what I think and why I think this is a good idea.

And then people will present their reasons why they they don't think it's a good idea. And people may come to the meeting kind of predisposed to disagree and and want to just say,No this is just extra work that you're making me do and and so as soon as somebody gives a reasonable good argument against you against your idea for everybody else that just is like the thing that they can latch on to and if you're not prepared to deal with that then then you just lose everything.

So this is what I do and what I've done to convince members of my team that my idea is a good one. And that is first you have to like that obviously you have to really believe that it is a good idea and you wouldn't want to present something that's not necessarily a good idea.

But then,What I have done is I will reach out to everybody who's going to be coming into the meeting all the decision makers, but also just the people who are going to show up so even people that may not be making the decision they just might voice a concern of some kind.

And I will just ask them what are their preconceived issues that they have with this idea? And I'm just talk a little bit about it not. We're not here to have an argument or anything about the merits of the idea. We're just here to gather their hang-ups with it.

And do that with everybody who's coming to the meeting so that you can prepare and bring up their arguments before they have a chance to bring them up and and you bring it up in such a way that you can immediately address it and say now some of you were worried about this, let me explain why that's not a problem.

Or you may not even need to bring that up. You can just solve that problem before they before mentioning the problem in the first place. As part of your presentation, this will go miles to help you convince people that your idea is a good one and help alleviate concerns and they're concerned.

The real and you need to address them But if you want to have success and convincing people you want to avoid the mob mentality where one person shares something that's like now this is not going to work for this reason and everybody just latches on and they won't listen to your explanation.

And maybe you'll get caught off guard too in that situation. And so by asking ahead of time you are made aware of things that you may not have considered and you make sure you address those and it's also possible that you can cancel a meeting because you realize that oh actually this isn't a good idea because of these concerns.

So anyway, this is something that's helped me in the past. I hope it helps you and I hope you.