The KCD Discord Bot "Thanks" command

05/13/2021 , 2m, 47s

Hello friends So today a friend of mine on the KCD Discord is named Rupert. I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure that's how you say their name. But I created their very first poll request for open source. I wasn't aware it's the first poll request but they did a great job.

And it was for the KCD Discord bond. And so the discord has a lot of cool things you can do with it and one of them is they're a bunch of commands that you can give. One of those commands is the thanks command where you can give somebody extra kudos to say thank you and we'll record.

The that in a thanks channel so you can look at and see all the people who've received gratitude and who've given gratitude and then it will log that in a github gist. That's our storage mechanism for this bot. And and actually, I think this is the only thing that requires storage that we have but um, it's ends up being just this giant JSON object.

And so we've had this for a while Marco built it initially and it was cool because you could say thanks ranked top and it would give you the top.10 people who'd received the most thanks. But I wanted to also have a rank for the people who give the most gratitude as well because I think it's a nice to to have that.

So he Rupert made the a change to also allow you to say thanks gratitude ranked top and that would give you the the top 10 most grateful people in the server. And it was just kind of a way to recognize people who are making our community special and and grateful thankful.

And,Yeah, so I just kind of wanted to talk about that just a little bit and say, hey, you know gratitude is important and it's helpful and in fostering a community that I want to be a part of and hopefully you do as well. And by giving a just the little bit more recognition for people who are grateful, but also the people who are being thanked, so the people who are doing helpful things.

I think goes a long way to making people more encouraged to continue to do helpful and,And good things and and also to be more grateful. So and gratitude has been scientifically proven to improve people's overall happiness. So if you're a grateful person, you're happier. So go be grateful today, and if you're a member of the KCD discord, then go say thanks to somebody using the Thanks command.

And if you're not then joined because it's a cool place to hang out. All right. I hope you have an awesome day and we'll talk to you later.