Smart watches, smart rings, and Progressive Web Apps

05/21/2021 , 2m, 58s

Hey there friends. Have you heard of progressive enhancement or progressive web apps? Well, I thought of a real world thing that kind of resembles what this actually means and what it doesn't. So, you know how like there's all these memes of like I got a smart thermostat and now it's broken because my internet went down or something like that and so now I'm like steaming hot like why did I do this and and we have the same sort of thing with my watch and so I have a smartwatch.

It's a,Nice one. It's a fossil I guess. And then I also have an aura ring and both of them are useful in their own different ways. But when my watch breaks or if it runs out of battery, which is more often, it doesn't break very like ever. But when it runs out of battery, I'm no longer able to even tell the time.

So, it's like totally a break. It's useless as just like a break on my wrist. That is not great. But when my ring runs out of battery,That's also not great but it's still functions as a ring. And so in this context progressive enhancement would be like my ring will always function as a ring but it progressively enhances in that when it has battery it also functions as a way of taking my my pulse and different things like that.

Whereas with the watch if it doesn't have power, it doesn't do anything. It's it's not serving its purpose at all unless I suppose if you just like appearing like you have a watch but it's basically.Other than that. And so when we're talking about progressive enhancement or progressive web apps, we're talking about taking advantage of the tools and capabilities of the web and all the modern and cool stuff but not exclusively not at the exclude exclusion of functionality for browsers that don't support those modern features.

And so we progressively become a even more capable web app when those features are available. And so in my contacts with the,Watch in the ring that the extra feature that's available is power. And with the watch it doesn't progressively enhance, it just doesn't work at all without that extra feature of power.

Whereas with my ring it functions as a ring just fine whether or not it has power and then if it does then improgressively enhances to do a lot of other cool things. But anyway, that's kind of what I think about progressive enhancement progressive web apps. It's kind of an interesting thought.

And yeah, shout out to remix particular for taking this.So seriously. I hope that's helpful to you have a wonderful day.