The nuance of promotion, incentives, ulterior motives, and the benefit of the doubt

05/24/2021 , 2m, 58s

Hello there friends, so I've just been thinking about incentives and companies and and the yeah, like what what motivates people to have different opinions and stuff like that. And I want to use myself as an example here because I think it's a there's a lot of nuance with the way that we kind of automatically think that people are have ulterior motives.

So, I created epic react to teach people how to learn react. And so my question is did did I create epic react?And then say hey everybody it's React is amazing and like is my ulterior motive in telling people that react as awesome and they should use it so that I can sell courses or did I discover react and I got really excited about it and I and I just think that it's a fantastic way to build it web applications and so as a result of this I create epic reacts as well as all of my other material and stuff.

To convince people to use it just because I think that it's a really great framework. And then I finance my my free work by selling.Epic React I can tell you that it's the latter but how do you know. You can't really trust my word for it because my I could have an ulterior motive.

And I think this is the sort of thing that's really new on. So just to give you another example, let's say that there's somebody who's really bullish on a particular stock. They maybe it's Apple or something. And so, they they create a YouTube channel that just goes all on on and on and on about how great Apple is.

Now our did they create like what order did this happen in did they create the channel and then they say,Wow this is a great way for me to get people to buy the stock. I'm gonna pump the stock up and then I'll my purchase of the stock will be worth a lot.

Or is it a kind of more of a combination where they are really bullish about Apple so they buy a lot of stock and they're like man. I just this is such an awesome company. I'm also going to start this YouTube channel to talk about why I think it's such a you know, a great investment or whatever.

So anytime you see somebody who seems to have a conflict of interest.It's a very very possible that that conflict of interest is the entire reason that their motivated to behave in the way that they're behaving or speak and say the things that they're saying. It's entirely possible that there's that bias and that's controlling everything.

But keep in mind like kind of walk history back a little bit and and think okay, maybe they really have this solid conviction and that's what made it motivated them to go and buy the stock or what motivated them to create this thing and pump it up because they already had that conviction and they don't maybe have an ulterior motive.