Using ScriptKit to easily upload images to @cloudinary

06/08/2021 , 2m, 55s

Hello friends. So this morning, I finished something that I was working on a little bit yesterday. It's a script kit script to call Cloud Nary upload which allows me to very easily upload images to my cloud nary account. It uses the cloud nary API and yeah, I just need a couple of environment variables and and you can use this too.

You get script kit, you can copy the same script. And yeah, you just need a couple environment variables and then it uses the script kit. UI which is basically kind of like,Spotlight or Alfred where you say I want to run the culinary upload and then it asks you which folder you want to upload it to and it gives you this way to navigate around those so you can say on the current folder.

I want one folder one directory yep or I want to go into this directory and so you can kind of navigate the folder structure of cloud nary which is really useful for me because I know that I could just like throw all of my blog post images and all of my epic react article images and all of my other images throughout my site into one giant bucket andReference those URLs and whatever but I don't know about you I just really like to have things organized and directory makes the most sense.

And so, you can navigate around the directory as you would expect. You can create a new directory and I also cash the other folders that are within a directory so I don't have to hit the API every time you go you're as your navigating around. And so I give you an option to refresh the cash for a particular directory.

And and yeah, and so once you've selected your directory, then it gives you a drag and drop little UI where you can drop as many images.As you like and then it goes through each one of those images and asks you what you want the name of the image to be it gives the default for whatever the file name is And then yeah and then it'll upload it.

And when you're all done, it will open up your browser to show you to the directory that you chose so that you can see all the images. It also copies the URL for each image that you uploaded and so if you have if you're just uploading one then that's the one that's in your code board.

If you upload multiples and they're gonna overwrite each other, which is why I think it's really good idea to have a clipboard history with Alfred is is how I do that. And so yeah, I just updated.My 2010 decade and review posts in their like 20 images in that post and I uploaded those all of those and updated the blog post in like just five minutes.

It was really nice. So eventually, I'm gonna automate the whole process of putting all of my images on cautionary for all my blog posts, but this was a really good first take it what it's gonna be like for writing new blog posts and uploading new images. So anyway, this is another example of where script kit is awesome.

I'll put a link to the script in the description and I hope that's interesting and helpful. Have a nice day.