Prisma is amazing

06/10/2021 , 2m, 59s

Hey there friends. So yesterday I was just a fanboying I guess about Prisma. If you haven't heard of Prisma, it is a Oh what does that? It's ORN, I can't remember what what the word for that is but it interfaces between you and a backend database. So it supports post-grass and SQLite my sequel and a MongoDB support is coming.

So yeah, just so you have a database and you tell it what database what kind of,Database you're hitting and how to connect to it or what the connection URL is. And then it manages connecting to it and you have the rest of your code doesn't have to worry about what type of database it is.

You just work with Prisma. And what makes Prisma especially special is that it has a really great way for defining your schema for the types or the models that your database supports. It has a really nice way of making the database match that so it'll create the tables for you and everything.

It has a great way for my great.Hitting so if you need to change the column name or something then it will automate that process and and that can be part of your deployment pipeline is to alter tables to add columns and stuff like that. It doesn't quite help you with like breaking changes.

It they have some articles to help, you know, how to go about doing that and I have successfully done that with Prisma. But yeah, and and it's it's not like a terribly difficult thing to do necessarily but I mean if it's a really great big breaking change then having zero downtime is tricky.

But yeah, I've had a couple like the situations where I needed to remove an enum value and stuff and I was able to do that without too much trouble. Thanks to a lot to prism as migrate feature, but then the thing that you experience on a regular basis working with Prisma that just I love is its type script support.

So you define this schema and then it generates TypeScript types. So that as you're using Prisma you say Prisma dot and then the,The table that you want to get and info from and then find many and then you have a select and aware and an order by and if there's relations so like a user has many posts or something then you can get all that users posts or if you're looking for posts, you can get the the author and data from that and it's all just so nice with TypeScript.

It's it's brilliant. So if you are using one of those databases and you haven't tried Prisma yet give it a look it is fantastic. I'm really really happy with it. Hope you're having an awesome day andWe'll talk to you later.