Episode 22 - How To Use Forked Repositories In Composer

01/27/2017 , 2m, 29s

In this episode, we continue on the journey of Composer discovery, discussing the recent tutorial How To Use Forked Repositories In Composer, which dug deep into how to use forked repositories with Composer.

This is a very compelling part of Composer, one which can make your development life a breeze — if you let it.

Not sure why you might?

Have you ever submitted a patch to a repository which your application relies on, but, because that patch is vital to the uptime of your application, you can’t wait for it to be reviewed and merged into the next release?

In times like these, it’s fair to want them to move faster than they normally would, so that you don’t have to wait for the normal review, merge, and release cycles.

So, grab a warm beverage, and come find out more!

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