Episode 25 - How to Go From Development to Deployment with Docker

06/06/2017 , 2m, 40s

In this episode, I’m discussing the latest tutorial on the blog: How to Go From Development to Deployment with Docker.

It’s a truly BLOCKBUSTER of a post, weighing in at 3,200 words, one far larger than any other that I’ve written for the site.

But don’t let the size put you off though. It’s broken down into four easily digestible sections:

  1. Create & Build the Container
  2. Store the Image in an Accessible Registry
  3. Build a Deployment Configuration
  4. Make the Deployment

Whether you’re just starting out on your Docker journey, whether you know your way around, or whether you’re itching to know how to deploy an app to production — this post is for YOU!

Grab a warm beverage, and come find out more about it!

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